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Black Anodizing of an Aluminum Casting for the Military Industry

Black Anodizing of Aluminum Casting

Our facilities at Automatic Anodizing are designed to efficiently accommodate a wide range of component types and volumes. We perform Type II and Type III anodizing for a diverse array of customers including the defense industry. The alternator housing shown here is made of an aluminum casting which measures 10″ in length and 6″ in height. Castings can often be difficult to anodize due to their porous nature, but our experts can work with customers to develop a solution based on our extensive anodizing experience.

The housing was placed on a titanium rack system to ensure optimal contact between the work piece and the sulfuric acid bath. For this application, the customer specified a black dyed anodized surface finish between 0.0004″ and 0.0006″ thick. In process testing was performed to verify the surface thickness, visual appearance, corrosion resistance, and abrasion resistance of the part. We processed 100 of these alternator housings within 2 business days to meet the customer’s time constraints. Due to our expansive capacity and modern anodizing systems, we can accommodate high volume production with quick turnaround as needed. For additional details regarding this military aluminum anodizing project, see the table below, or contact us directly.


Black Anodizing of an Aluminum Casting Project Details

Product NameAlternator Housing
Product DescriptionAlternator Housing for the Military
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesPrimary:
Black Anodizing
  • Cleaning
  • Etching
  • De-Smut
  • Rack
  • Dye
  • Sealing
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartRack Anodize System
  • Titanium Spine and Fingers
Overall Part Dimensions
10″ X 6″
Tightest TolerancesThickness of 0.0004″ – 0.0006″
Material UsedAluminum Casting
Material FinishAs Coated – Black Anodize
In Process Testing/Inspection PerformedVisual Inspection
Thickness / Coating Weight
Abrasion Resistance
Corrosion Resistance
Industry for UseMilitary
Delivery/Turnaround Time2 Business Days
Delivery LocationEvanston, IL
Standards MetCustomer Specifications


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